Yoga Studios Near Hancock Square At Arlington Station

With physical benefits like increased flexibility, muscle tone and mental benefits like improved stress management, it’s easy to see why yoga has become wildly popular in recent years. While most classes include breathing, assuming various poses and meditation, the intensity can vary between classes so that yoga is accessible to people of all skill levels and ages. Hancock Square at Arlington Station residents interested in practicing yoga will be pleased to know that there are several yoga studios nearby.

Pulsation Yoga

This studio features classes at different skill levels as well as a slow-paced therapeutic / restorative yoga and a prenatal class. Yoga classes are conducted at normal, warm or hot room temperatures, which is specified on the schedule. The warmer temperatures can give yoga practitioners a sense of increased flexibility. The class schedule changes, so make sure to check every week to see when your favorite classes will be held. In addition to yoga classes, Pulsation Yoga offers teacher training, workshops and group trips to locales varying from Michigan to Maui.


Viva-Ki yoga’s tagline is yoga for everybody, and a look through their class listing shows they mean it.  In addition to plenty of regular yoga classes at varying levels, there’s a kids class designed for growing bodies, Relax Renew Restore for those seeking a gentler yoga, a restorative Yin yoga class conducted by candlelight and a free healing yoga class to help cancer patients cope with the disease.

CorePower Yoga

CorePower Yoga uses traditional yoga styles and poses with added intensity that results in a powerful workout. CorePower offers class levels from beginning to experienced, at varying heat levels and intensity. There’s also a Yoga Sculpt class with weights and cardio, CoreCardio Circuit with strength and interval training, a restorative class and more.

Yoga, dining, shopping and entertainment are all easily accessible to residents of Hancock Square at Arlington Station. Interested? To learn more, please contact us.

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