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Escape rooms are one of the most popular group activities in America. And, our gorgeous apartments at Arlington Station are located near several. In particular, Break Escape in Arlington Heights is one of our favorites. It offers four exciting rooms that are perfect for date nights, corporate team building events, and celebratory get-togethers. Check out the rooms below.

High School Reunion “Gone Bad”: An Escape Game For the Brave

In this room, you and your friends are on your way to a high school reunion when you decide to take a shortcut through some haunted woods. Suddenly, rain falls, which forces your group to take shelter in an old shack. Quickly, you realize that this shack is the home of a local crank named Mr. Ashford. Your goal is to escape the shack before Mr. Ashford returns!

10 Minutes to Heaven: One of the Most Popular Games at Break Escape

In this World War II-themed room, you and your group stumble upon an old bunker in which you accidentally activate a nuclear missile. For this game, your group is divided into two. One group has the materials to deactivate the missile while the other must find its way back to the first group. The catch here is that you only have 10 minutes to solve the puzzle and deactivate the missile!

My Crazy Ex: An Amusing Break Escape Game

In this humorous escape room, you get a call from your wedding planner notifying you that your wedding rings have been misplaced at your office. Once you and your wedding party reach the office, you discover that the phone call from the wedding planner was actually your Crazy Ex, who’s attempting to sabotage the wedding! In this room, you must solve a series of puzzles before the ceremony ends in tragedy.

U.S. Customs: Entry Denied

In this game, you and your group take an international flight to New York. Upon disembarking, you and your friends are stopped by customs officials and have your passports confiscated. You soon discover that the customs agents are members of a smuggling ring and are wanted by the FBI.

The customs agents have smuggled in contraband and plan to incriminate you and your friends. In this room, you have one hour to find the items and your passports before all of you are framed for the crime.

All in all, Break Escape provides plenty of fun for everyone. And, best of all, it’s just one of the many escape game venues near Hancock Square at Arlington Station. If you think you might find the above puzzle rooms fun, then be sure to check them out.

After playing at Break Escape in Arlington Heights, consider visiting the Woodfield Mall to celebrate your victory. Interested in becoming a resident of Hancock Square at Arlington Station? Contact us to set up a tour of our luxurious living spaces.

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