Purple Sprout Cafe

Go for Delicious Vegan Cuisine at Purple Sprout Cafe

Just a short 20-minute drive from Arlington Heights is the highly-rated Purple Sprout Cafe in nearby Wheeling. Since its opening in 2015, Purple Sprout Cafe has offered a fully plant-based menu featuring both cooked and raw foods.

Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, or just interested in eating healthy, this cafe’s friendly vibe and its flavorful menu have made it a popular neighborhood hangout.


Purple Sprout is a local, family-owned cafe. When their children began exhibiting health issues, the owners turned to plant-based nutrition to boost their health and energy.

So what started as an effort to help their family’s health ailments turned into a full-fledged family business. Purple Sprout hopes to become a community haven for those interested in plant-based nutrition and healthy eating.


Their quirky menu features a variety of breakfast items, sandwiches, entrees, salads, juices, and desserts. All of their items are creative, colorful, and very unique.

Be sure to try the Chickpea Veggie Scramble Crepe, the Enchiladas, or the Hemp Burger. Patrons say that their portions are very generous, but try to save room for the Black Forest Cheesecake!

For gluten-free guests, Purple Sprout has gluten-free items clearly indicated on the menu. The cafe would be an excellent spot for someone new to vegan cuisine. Their menu is exceedingly flavorful and the staff is friendly and willing to explain items.


With its bright green color palette and friendly, hand-lettered menu, Purple Sprout feels very welcoming and accessible. The front area features a large display case of grab and go items, frozen foods, and snacks to take home. The cafe is fully counter service and has a number of small tables, making it a great option for a quick solo meal or casual family outing.

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