Three Games Dogs Love to Play to Keep Them Entertained

While our pet-friendly apartments in Arlington Heights offer plenty of space to run and play when the weather outside is nice, it’s always a good idea to have some games ready to play for those rainy days. Here are three great games your pooch will love to play with you:

games for dogs
  • Scramble- Show your dog a ball from a few feet away and then quickly roll the ball to try and get it passed your dog through their front paws. He will scramble to try and get the ball before it gets pass him!
  • Doggie in the Middle- Roll a toy ball back and forth with a friend or family member as you both sit on the floor in your apartment. The goal is to keep it away from him as he runs for it.
  • Zip Zagger- Roll a ball quickly past him in one direction, making sure that it doesn’t bounce. Have your dog retrieve the ball for you, then repeat the process in the opposite direction.

If you aren’t already part of our community, contact us to schedule a time for you and your pet to visit us and see what we have to offer.

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