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Enjoy a Cold Summer-Ready Drink at Pure Juice Cafe

On your next neighborhood stroll, check out the bright and modern Pure Juice Cafe. Located just a couple blocks away from Hancock Square at Arlington Station, this friendly cafe and juice bar features an extensive menu of made-to-order drinks and freshly prepared raw foods. Pure Juice Cafe has been a local favorite in the community since their opening in 2013.


Pure Juice Cafe prides themselves on their creative, health-driven menu. In an age where fruits and vegetables often get set aside in favor of faster, more accessible meals, they aim to provide flavorful, nutrient-dense meals to Arlington Heights. By offering fun, interactive juicing demos to kids and hosting nutrition and health-related events, Pure Juice Cafe aims to support and empower the local community.


With its large drink menu of fully customizable juices and smoothies, Pure Juice Cafe is sure to have a drink to suit your tastes. Patrons especially love the Vitality and Immune Booster juices. For those interested in juice cleansing, Pure Juice Cafe has a knowledgeable staff on hand as well as designed cleansing programs.

The cafe also features a fully gluten-free, dairy-free, and preservative-free food menu. Items include açaí bowls, wraps, salads, and desserts.

Their Thai Raw Collard Wraps or their Pure Raw Spaghetti would be fantastic options for a light, refreshing lunch. Also, be sure to try their Tiramisu; it is rich, creamy, and completely raw!

Their display case also features a variety of prepared boxed meals and baked goods to grab on-the-go.


Featuring bright green chairs, wood accents, and a brightly lit interior, the juice bar’s environment is welcoming and cozy. Shelves of healthy snacks and condiments line the walls, available for take-home use. Pure Juice Cafe would be a great place to meet up with friends, to have a quick bite with family, or to enjoy solo while relaxing on the weekend.

Pure Juice Cafe is just one of many fantastic dining options we have in the Arlington Heights area. We would love to show you more! Please contact us today to discuss how you can be a part of our friendly community.

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