A couple enjoying a virtual museum tour

Enjoy a Virtual Museum Tour

Have you ever heard of Google Arts and Culture? This amazing platform can take you on a once-in-a-lifetime virtual museum tour right from your couch. If you’re ready for a unique experience, get cozy and get ready for some exploration fun! Virtually There You don’t even have to leave home in order to visit some […]

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man watching netflix documentaries

4 Netflix Documentaries You Don’t Want to Miss

Watching a great documentary allows you to engage deeply with an interesting topic in a unique way.  If you’re a resident of the Hancock Square at Arlington Station community who enjoys this enriching form of entertainment, Netflix offers a broad range of well-made documentaries about every topic under the sun.  Check out these fantastic Netflix documentaries right […]

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Martin Lawrence galleries

Shop For Unique Works at Martin Lawrence Galleries

Are you searching for a unique work of art? If so, head to the Martin Lawrence Galleries. Established in 1975, the galleries specialize in everything from original paintings to limited edition graphics. They represent both established and emerging artists and often loan unique pieces to museums around the world. Artists include: Darren Goins at the Martin Lawrence Galleries […]

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