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Enjoy Puzzles and Excitement at Nearby Escape Rooms

Escape room challenges are taking off in popularity around the world. This mystery and scavenger hunt activity requires logic, teamwork, and quick-thinking, and it’s great entertainment for all ages. Enjoy this highly unique activity with friends, family, a date, or by yourself! You’ll find a number of popular nearby escape rooms all within a short driving distance from Hancock Square at Arlington Station.

No Escape

This venue in Buffalo Grove features the first virtual reality escape room in the area. At No Escape, you’ll find an immersive, social experience in their space-themed virtual reality room. They also have two traditional rooms, each of which can accommodate up to ten people.

Patrons especially love the helpful hosts in the room! They’re willing to give you clues if you happen to get stuck. At this locally-owned escape room venue, you’ll find thoughtful puzzles, friendly staff, and a challenging experience.

Mastermind Escape Games

Mastermind features four different rooms, each with a different fun theme. Guests can choose between a scenario based on a bank heist, a disease outbreak, an evil sorcerer, or a time travel plot. You’ll join up to eleven other people in the room. Mastermind also ranks the difficulty of the rooms, which is helpful in deciding your theme.

You’ll appreciate the attentive, friendly service at this Schaumburg venue. With several other locations around the country, Mastermind has perfected their escape room technique.


This Palatine venue features two well-crafted challenges, one based on the French resistance and another based on diffusing a bomb. Escapeocity is highly rated, in part for its beautifully designed, exceptionally thoughtful puzzles. Each room can accommodate either eight or ten people, and the rooms are also noted as being wheelchair accessible.

Patrons love this welcoming, family-owned business, which used to go by the name “Escapeology.” Many guests end up being repeat visitors, as they enjoy the experience so much!

There are so many wonderful activities to enjoy in the Arlington Heights area. It’s also a great location for shopping and incredible restaurant options. We would love to show you more! Please contact us today to find out how you can join our vibrant community.

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