Experience a Local Original at Garrett Popcorn Shops

There’s crispy almond and caramel. Cashew and caramel. Pecan and caramel. Macadamia and caramel. Cheddar cheese. A savory mix of cheese and caramel. You could also go with good, old-fashioned buttery. Or just plain … plain. No matter which kind you choose, though, popcorn never goes out of style! You can get some of the best-made popcorn right at Garrett Popcorn Shops near your home at Hancock Square at Arlington Station.

Garrett’s Popcorn Shops Put the POP! in Popcorn

Make no mistake about it, Garrett Popcorn is special. Prepared in copper kettles, popped with hot air, flavored with special family recipes, and served in colorful tins, Garrett’s is the popcorn of choice for many area residents. It also helps that Garrett’s certainly has the hometown advantage!

Garrett’s first popped up in Chicago in 1949, and it has been something of a tradition ever since. The ensuing years saw Garrett Popcorn Shops established in regions both within the United States and abroad. They include sites in or near Atlanta, Detroit, Las Vegas, New York, Shanghai, and Tokyo, among other locations.


You Can Even Order Online

Do you have a craving for Garrett’s gourmet popcorn but don’t feel like going out? No worries! You can place an order online and have it delivered to your home. Just choose the flavor you’d like and the size you want (tin sizes range from one to six and a half gallons). You can even design your own tin, with creative options that range from variously colored stripes to the Chicago skyline.

Garrett Popcorn Shops pleasingly serves the tastes of area residents. For information about other attractions available to Arlington Heights residents, contact us today.

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