How to Give Your Dog a Bath in Your Apartment Home

Giving your dog a bath on a regular basis keeps her skin and coat in good shape and helps your apartment avoid getting that telltale doggy smell. You don’t have to leave our pet friendly apartments in Arlington Heights and head to an expensive groomer for baths. You can give her one right in your own tub.

dog in a bath
Follow these tips so you can keep your dog clean.

Follow these tips for bathing your dog at home to keep your furry friend looking her best:

  • Fill your tub with warm water. Keep a bunch of small treats nearby, especially if your dog needs some coaxing to get in the water.
  • Brush your dog before her bath. Get rid of any mats or tangles you find.
  • Put a cotton ball in your dog’s ears to keep water out. Use a pitcher or shower head to wet her fur, then gently rub dog shampoo into it.
  • Rinse her off thoroughly with the pitcher or shower head.
  • Wipe her off with a towel, and take the cotton out of her ears.

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