How to Get Through the Summer Without Running the AC

Here at Hancock Square, we know our residents are always looking for tips to make life easier and more comfortable. With that in mind, and seeing as how summer is upon us, here are five tips for cooling your apartment without relying solely on the air conditioning:

Tips for keeping apartment cool

Get creative with fan placement. Placing a fan across from a window helps create a cross breeze which can go a long way toward cooling your apartment.

Cool your pulse points. Place cold compresses against your wrists, neck, ankles, and behind your knees. This will help you cool down quickly.

Stay away from the stove. No need to heat the place up even further! Light, cool meals (think salads) not only keep your apartment cooler but keep you cooler as well, since your body doesn’t have to work as hard to digest a light meal as it does a heavy one.

Unplug your devices. Electronics produce heat and will warm up a room very quickly!

Stay hydrated. Dehydration only makes you feel more miserably warm – and is dangerous in the heat as well.┬áDrink plenty of fluids!

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