Cranberry Slough Nature Preserve

Enjoy Wintertime Bird Watching at Cranberry Slough Nature Preserve

Are you looking for something to do this winter? Then enjoy a day of bird watching at the Cranberry Slough Nature Preserve. Spanning nearly 400 acres, Cranberry Slough is famed for its peat bog ecosystem surrounded by rolling upland woods.

The trails offer small elevation changes, and they welcome thousands of visitors every year who come to spot species such as:

Nashville Warbler

Nashville warblers are found in second-growth forests where they sometimes use porcupine quills as nest material. They’re compact birds and are identified by their gray head and olive green feathers. Birdwatchers can listen for their dry chip call and musical song that’s followed by a two-note trill.

Eastern Wood-Pewee

Eastern wood-pewees are medium-sized flycatchers with long wings and tail. They’re known for their upright posture and display olive-gray upperparts and a whitish throat. Eastern wood-pewees are commonly found in deciduous forests and woodlands, and perch high in trees to have the best viewpoint.

Great Blue Heron

With their long legs, dagger-like bill, and bluish-gray feathers, it is no wonder that great blue herons are easily recognizable. They’re an impressive sight in flight as their neck curls into a tight “S” shape, while their legs trail well beyond the tail.

Wood Duck

Wood ducks call the preserve’s pond home, and they’re known for their colorful, ornate feathers. These birds feature a boxy, crested head, thin neck, and a long tail, and their shape is unique for ducks. Unlike most waterfowl, they perch and nest in trees, and may be spotted flying through the woods.

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