Celebrate National Aquarium Month at the Old Town Aquarium

It’s national aquarium month, and if you feel like enhancing your Hancock Square at Arlington Station apartment by adding an aquarium, visit Old Town Aquarium on Wells Street, Chicago.

old town aquarium
Source: Old Town Aquarium

They’re one of America’s top aquarium stores with an award-winning artistic design. Here you can buy your perfect aquarium system with expert advice. Choose the shape, size, cabinet design, synthetic corals, or have an aquarium custom made to your specifications.

The saltwater specimens come from as far as Fiji and deliveries are made frequently (often 10 times per week!). The corals and invertebrates selection is huge with selected reef corals and invertebrates like odd snails, wild-eyed shrimp, and rainbow starfish. The freshwater specimens go beyond goldfish, guppies, and Siamese fighting fish. It is sourced from around the world.

All aquarium accessories are logically stocked and expert advice on species shared. Old Town Aquarium is rated as one of the best installers of aquariums in the country. They can install aquariums of any size or shape at your home or office.

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