Pancakes, Bacon and Eggs at a breakfast spot in Arlington Heights

Breakfast Spots in Arlington Heights

Perhaps, the best part of living in Arlington Heights is its central location. Delicious food, awesome parks, chic country clubs, and quick access to transit hubs — you’re in the middle of it all. However, sometimes it’s the simplest thing that’s most important — what are you going to eat for breakfast? When you move into our community, you’ll have access to three great breakfast spots in Arlington Heights.

Egg Harbor Cafe: One of the Most Popular Breakfast Spots in Arlington Heights

A local Illinois favorite offering delicious breakfast foods, Egg Harbor Cafe, is just steps from our community and has a plethora of egg dishes for you to enjoy. Munch on an egg & potato hash, get a classic eggs Benedict, or chomp down on a sandwich.

Egg Harbor uses farm-fresh cage-free eggs so you don’t need to feel any guilt about your breakfast — you can even order from the expansive gluten-free menu. Egg Harbor also features a seasonal menu, so you’ll be able to get brand new breakfast options several times a year.

Around Cafe: Breakfast Delights Galore

If sweet breakfast treats is more your speed, then you’ll want to go to the Around Cafe. In addition to the delicious fresh-baked donuts, you’ll find artisan coffee and tea, as well. Espressos, lattes, mochas, boba tea — all of it is right here, ready to go.

Try the “Blended X Boba” menu, a delicious twist on boba tea that adds awesome flavors like peanut butter or “cookies and cream.” Since Around Cafe is just right “around” the corner from Hancock Square at Arlington Station, you’ll be able to come here over and over without ordering the same thing.

The Village Grill: Brunch Foods You’ll Love

The thing about breakfast is that sometimes…it’s too early. So, where do you go for brunch or even lunch? The Village Grill! Just a few paces from your apartment, The Village Grill is a classic, no-frills diner serving up sandwiches and other brunch foods in a cozy setting. The staff is also incredibly friendly.

If you haven’t been here before, try the “Sizzling Skillets” menu plus the full list of hash options with flavor combinations ranging from Greek to Mexican. Lunch is only available after 10:30 a.m. However, breakfast is available all day — so you can get your hunger pangs satisfied at any time.

All in all, these breakfast spots in Arlington Heights provide great value for everyone. We think you’ll love living here. Easy access to downtown stores plus cuisine of every type within walking distance — especially breakfast. Sweet and savory, it’s all within five minutes of our community. So, why wait? Contact us today to join our community, and you can check out your new favorite breakfast spot in the morning. 

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