Delicious Sweet Treats At A Bakery

Enjoy Sweet Treats Near Hancock Square At Arlington Station

Heading to a coffee shop for your usual hot chocolate? Soothing, hot beverages are certainly in order during the colder months. What’s more, a sweet treat to complement that warm drink is definitely welcomed. Since swimsuit season won’t be back for a while, why not pamper yourself with some well-earned treats? Pick up a dozen doughnuts, a cake, or platter of cookies. Trust us: these local bakeries serve the best sweet treats near Hancock Square at Arlington Station.

Arlington Cake Box Bakery In Arlington Heights

Arlington Cake Box Bakery has been in business for almost 60 years. You’ll love the vast selection of eclairs, donuts, sweet rolls, and coffee cakes here. The luscious butter cookies are perfect for a treat! If you’re having a special dinner, pick up a loaf of preservative-free bread for the occasion. This popular local bakery also offers holiday sweet treats for Thanksgiving, from turkey-shaped breads to festive fruit pies.

Oak Mill Bakery In Arlington Heights

Bogna Iwanowska-Solak and her husband Walter have been in the bakery business since 1986. They opened Oak Mill Bakery after the birth of their first child. Today, the couple owns six popular bakeries. Patrons appreciate the availability of pastries that combine both premium and European-sourced ingredients. Best of all, the Arlington Heights store is open every day of the week, so you can try something new each day. Oak Mill Bakery also offers custom cakes for every occasion, from weddings to corporate functions.

Cumberland Bakery In Des Plaines

Did you know that all Cumberland Bakery selections are baked fresh every day? Each baked item contains only the freshest of ingredients, from seasonal fruits to rich creams. You can enjoy specialty donuts here, such as cinnamon sugar and maple bacon. If you’re planning for the holidays, Cumberland Bakery also offers a tempting assortment of cookies, pies, and muffins. Here’s our recommendation: before you leave, pick up a quiche. These delicious savory treats are baked fresh on Thursdays and Fridays. The bakery may be closed on Mondays, but it definitely serves an enticing selection of goodies!

Spunky Dunkers Donuts In Palatine

Donut lovers will want to check out Spunky Dunkers Donuts. This popular establishment is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. So, if you’re looking for sweet treats near Hancock Square at Arlington Station at 3 a.m. in the morning, Spunky Dunkers has you covered. Best of all, there’s even a secret menu with unique selections, such as the “Super Spunky,” the largest donut you’ll find this side of Chicago. For your next party, rent the Donut Wall, which can hold up to 49 donuts of your choice.

But, don’t stop pampering yourself once you’ve picked out your sweet treat. Check out the impressive layouts and luxury amenities at Hancock Square at Arlington Station. Our premier lodgings combine the inclusivity of suburban culture with the excitement of city living. For more information, contact us. We’d love to take you on a tour of our community!

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