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Music Abounds at Big Shot Piano Bar and Lounge

Wayne has written a musical. Andrew has directed a cappella groups. John has been a girl-group fan since the age of two. When you walk into Big Shot Piano Bar and Lounge, you’ll likely hear one of these talented and versatile musicians entertaining you live on the keys.

Just three more reasons, in addition to the food and the ambiance, for residents of Hancock Square at Arlington Station to make Big Shot their destination for a fabulous night out.

Wayne Richards

Wayne is an original Big Shot pianist. He’s been playing at the restaurant ever since it opened in 2007. Before that, he wrote his original musical, A Summer Storm, which became an official 2006 Robert Redford Sundance theatre lab entry.

Wayne is also an award-winning film scorer, with more than 15 completed scores under his belt. As a performer, he’s been compared to the legendary Elton John. Wayne’s marvelous live performances incorporate an adult contemporary repertoire.


John Jones

John was just a toddler when he got his very first records by artists such as the Ronettes and Heart. He began studying piano at age 9, and since then, his musical interests have run the gamut from R&B to jazz to classical to electronica. In fact, John allows all these genres to influence his songwriting style.

You can hear some of his original tunes on his debut album, “Homegrown,” available on iTunes and other online sites.

Or, you can come and hear John play in person at Big Shot Piano Bar and Lounge. Requests, anyone?

Andrew Blendermann

Speaking of requests, ask Andrew to play a favorite tune of yours.

Go ahead. Ask!

With a repertoire of more than 1,700 songs, chances are he’ll know exactly what you want to hear. That extensive musical knowledge comes in handy when Andrew creates vocal arrangements for the Navy Pier Players, one of a number of a cappella groups he’s directed.

Andrew’s other endeavors include theater. He’s performed onstage in Pump Boys & Dinettes, offstage in the orchestra pit at Marriott Theatre in Lincolnshire, and also as a music director for Five Guys Named Moe at Drury Lane Evergreen Park.

The melodic sounds of these three guys set the perfect tone and keep patrons coming back to Big Shot to relax, unwind and dine. Also, Big Shot’s range of main dishes includes beef, pork, chicken, and fish.

So go and enjoy the menu – and the music.

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